It’s official … Honey & the Bear are releasing an album in 2018/2019!

We’re half way through writing brand new material for our debut album release and have been testing a few out on our gig audiences of late. We’re both very excited to share this news with you as we’ve previously only recorded EP’s (just to test the waters) and feel that the challenge of a 10/12 track album is something we would like to push towards. As is the case with most artists, we want to strive towards the best result possible and are looking to seek the support of both our followers and other musicians on the British folk circuit. We’ve been talking with several “special guest” musicians whom we hope will appear on the album. If you’re excited to hear it (like we are) then we’d love your support to get this album professionally recorded, produced, mastered and printed (who knows we might even get some vinyl made for all those vinyl junkies out there). We hope to launch a pledge campaign soon, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled. Over and out.