Is this poster awesome or what?!!

Our good friend, Ken Ansell, co-founder of the Maverick (Americana Festival at Easton Farm Park) and founder of Clinic creative agency in London, has created this fabulous designer poster for our gig that we did at Ipswich Library.

Now, we only saw this the day before, which might make you think … “hang on … isn’t the day before the gig a bit late to be putting out posters?!!” … but it wasn’t meant to be an advertisement for the gig in any way, it’s more just about commemoration of the event through artwork.

Ken kindly printed off 20 copies (yup … very limited edition folks) which we sold at the merchandise stand when we opened for Police Dog Hogan at Ipswich Library on saturday night, which by the way was just a fantastic evening of music. If you haven’t already done so, please do check out Police Dog Hogan.  Seriously talented bunch of musician folk. Anyhoo … getting off point a little … We still have a few posters left, so if you want to get your hands on one for a fiver, you still can. We’ll sign it and everything (like proper pros) … just send us an email t let us know if you’re interested (email top of page).

I’m hoping Ken will be helping us to come up with some marvellous artwork for our EP sleeve later in the year. Watch this space …