Honey & The Bear: Journey Through the Roke (CD)


‘Journey Through the Roke’ is the the second album from Honey & The Bear featuring 11 original tracks and one traditional arrangement.

Format: CD

Official release: 23rd April 2021


Featuring 12 tracks:

  1. 3 Miles Out
  2. Buried in Ivy
  3. Freddie Cooper
  4. My Lagan Love
  5. Life on Earth
  6. The Flow Line
  7. The Swallow
  8. Hungry Sea
  9. The Miller
  10. Sweet Honey
  11. Unless We Start It
  12. Your Blood
Guest musicians

Toby Shaer (whistles, harmonium, cittern, fiddle), Evan Carson (drums, bodhran, percussion), Archie Churchill Moss (melodeon), Graham Coe (cello)